Development Authority Wanting to Improve Industrial Park

September 13, 2013

It’s on to Plan B for the Development Authority of Elbert County, Elberton, and Bowman.

With the Fiscal Year 2014 County Millage Rate increase voted down, Development Authority Executive Director Beth Eavenson says the authority is going to be shifting focus to improving the Industrial Park for development.

She says they are looking to have a site pad ready, which means that the site is ready to be built on.

“That means if you got a prospect ready to come in, the time from the time they select Elbert County or Elberton and the time they have a building up is dramatically decreased if we have the site pad ready” Eavenson said.

Before that can be done engineering work would have to take place, but once that is complete Eavenson says they can do more things that will help sell a business on locating in Elbert County.

“They can go in, put a sign on the building put trucks at the dock and they have all this super imposed on your site with your typography, your layout. So it really helps the company visualize themselves in Elbert County, so it makes a much easier sell than having a pad ready site, a picture of a pad ready site or nothing at all”, says Eavenson.

The development authority approved a motion that would allow Eavenson to begin the process to bid out the engineering work to get the ball rolling on this process.

Outlined in the motion is that at least three bids be received on the work.

That motion passed with a unanimous vote.