Devils Fall to Buford In First Game

September 3, 2012

Your Elbert County Blue Devils fail to the Buford Wolves on Friday, August 31 in their first game of the season 14-3. The dominant Buford Wolves came to the Granite Bowl hoping for a repeat of the last meeting between the two programs in the post season last year. Elbert, however, was ready and kept the game close with a good performance from its young defense.  Buford was able to take advantage of some hiccups on special teams in the second quarter due to a heavy rain that lead to a score for the Wolves. The Blue Devils were not able to move the ball on the ground very well due to the heavy rain. Buford had the lead 7-0 heading into the locker rooms.

Coming out for the second half Elbert kicked off to Buford. Later, in the 3rd quarter Elbert was able to take advantage of a muffed punt that lead to a field goal for the Blue Devils making the score 7-3. Buford fumbled on the following kick off and was recovered by Elbert. However on the following play the Blue Devils immediately turned the ball over on an interception. Buford, with the ball on the Elbert 38 yard line took a shot at the endzone with a deep pass that connected with its target for a Buford Score early in the 4th quarter.

The Blue Devils were not able to overcome the two score deficit and were pinned down on a punt from Buford on their own 1 yard line at the end of the 4th quarter ending the game. Your Final Score Buford 14 Elbert 3