Diamond Devils Defeated In Final Home Game

April 22, 2013

It was Senior Night for the Diamond Devils as the team took another tough defeat as they lost to the North Oconee Titans 13-7 on Monday, April 22.

Steven Webb would get the start on the mound for the Diamond Devils and only allow one run in the 1st. The Devils would be held scoreless.

The 2nd inning would be a long one. The Titans would drive in six runs. Caleb Norman would come in for Webb in that inning and Coach Evens would later bring in Senior Wesley Dunn to close out the 2nd. Going into the bottom of the 2nd the Titans would have a 7-0 lead.

In the bottom of the 2nd the Devils would battle back scoring six runs. Senior Warren Naggie would score on a pass ball and Senior Elliot McAlarney would bat in Blaze Bruce with a single. Wesley Dunn would follow Elliot with a single of his own driving in Caleb Norman. With the bases loaded Jacob Smith would hit a standing double batting in three runs to take the score to 7-6 after two innings.

Unfortunately, the Titans would not stop and would continue adding runs in each inning except the 5th. The Devils would only be able to add one more run which would come in the bottom of the 6th when Senior Brett Mills would single into shallow right to drive in Dunn.

The Devils would fall 13-7. Blaze Bruce, Brett Mills, Warren Naggie, Elliot McAlarney, Wesley Dunn, and Caleb Norman are the Tri-County Technical College Player of the Game; the five seniors who persevered throughout the tough season.