Direct Deposit the Way to Go According to the IRS

March 24, 2014

Georgians, as well as Americans across the United States, are hoping to get a little money from Uncle Sam this year as the tax deadline looms.

Most of those people are getting it through direct deposit.

Bill Brunson with the Internal Revenue Service says direct deposit is the fastest way to get a federal tax refund.

“Seventy-five percent of all tax payers will receive a refund, and this is an opportunity for them to expedite this process and make it the safest way possible”, said Brunson.

Another reason it’s considered the safest is because there is no check to get stolen or lost in the mail.

Tax software forms give instructions on how to choose direct deposit, which requires a bank account and routing number.

Roughly 84 million people used direct deposit to get their federal refunds back in 2013.

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