Director of Security Hired for Elbert County School System

March 7, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Education recently filled a newly created position within the school system.

The new administrative position is Director of Security for the Elbert County School System.

Elbert County School Superintendent Rick Higginbotham explains why the position was created.

“The culture in our society now, school safety and school security is really important and what we wanted to do is create a position whose sole purpose is to focus on the safety of our children and our school personnel”, said Higginbotham.

He says that the Director of Security will have numerous responsibilities, and explains what some of those responsibilities are.

“The focus will be to evaluate the district’s security program, coordinate preparation of reports for safety”, explained Higginbotham. “Also, every school has an emergency procedure plan, which has to be approved by GEMA, but our director will make certain that all of those plans in each school follow the same template so code words mean the same across the entire system.”

The board of education, during their last meeting, approved the hiring of Shane Bennett as the Director of Security for the Elbert County School System.

Bennett began his new role with the school system earlier this week on March 4th.