District 3 Board of Education Seat Hearing Tomorrow

April 2, 2014

Tomorrow is the day that the race for the Elbert County Board of Education’s District Three seat could potentially be decided.

As of now, running in that election is incumbent PJO Phelps and challenger Donald Wayne Ward, both of which are running as republicans.

However, Ward’s candidacy is being challenged on two different fronts; the first is due to missing the qualifying deadline, and the other is on the grounds of nepotism under O.C.G.A 20-2-51 (4)(A).

When asked what outcome she wants from tomorrow’s hearing, Phelps simply said the law is the law, but that she wasn’t against having opposition.

“I would think he should drop out of the race, I am not opposed to opposition, but the way that it has been done is incorrect”, said Phelps. “I mean the law is the law and I can’t do anything about that.”

The hearing is scheduled for tomorrow at 4:00pm, and will be held in the Elbert County Commissioners Meeting Room located inside of the Elbert County Government Complex.

Ward says he isn’t sure what to expect from the hearing, but said at the same time he is looking forward to it.

“I don’t really know, because if I win I guess the other side could appeal, and I could do the same if I lose, so I am not sure how exactly this is going to play out”, said Ward. “My understanding is if either side wants to have an emergency hearing in Superior Court and let a Superior Court Judge make the decision, which is entirely possible. All the facts are going to be gathered before a decision is made, and I am kind of looking forward to it.”

Both candidates qualified as republicans, and will potentially square off during the May primary, depending on the outcome of the hearing.