District Three Commission Seat Candidates Address Audience at Political Forum

October 5, 2012

Tim Case took the mic first during the District 3 Board of Commissioner portion of the forum

Last, but certainly not least, the candidates for the District Three Board of Commissioner seat had their chance to address the crowd in attendance.

As many know, current District Three Commissioner Frank Eaves is not seeking re-election.

Republican Candidate Chris Alexander spoke first, and said he wants the county to thrive through new industry.

“A passion for my community is genuine; I would be honored to serve as your commissioner for district three. I have no personal agendas, and my concern lies directly with you people in Elbert County”, said Alexander. “I desire to see our county’s economy grown through the development of new industry. I will strive as a leader to move our county forward in a cost effect manner, always keeping our tax dollars in mind.”

Democratic Candidate Tim Case was up next, and addressed the need to spend Elbert County dollars in Elbert County.

“I fought to control spending, and here is one thing I want to discuss a little bit about the county. When they buy tires, most of the county tires are bought in South Carolina”, said Case. “I think we need to negotiate with the people in Elbert County that sell tires, and I think that we need to spend Elbert County money in Elbert County if at all possible.”

Chris Alexander on the mic during his closing statement during last night’s forum

Both candidates agreed on several points throughout their portion of the forum, but the main point was that both wanted to see the unemployment rate decrease, and that they wanted to bring more jobs to Elbert County.