Don’t Drink and Drive this Saint Patrick’s Day Weekend

March 15, 2013

Saint Patrick’s Day is this coming Sunday, and the Georgia Governor’s Office of Highway Safety and Team Georgia are hoping to keep DUIs down this year.

Office Director Harris Blackwood points out some interesting statistics relating to Saint Patrick’s Day.

“On a typical week in Georgia, 23% of the fatalities were caused by drunk drivers”, said Blackwood. “If you look at Saint Patrick’s Day, that number goes up to forty percent, and that is a number we can bring down.”

He says you can expect that state and local police to be out in force keeping Georgia’s roads and highways safe for travelers.

He also says no amount of luck will keep you out of trouble if you get pulled over while intoxicated.

“If you think luck on Saint Patrick’s Day is going to get you out of trouble from drinking and driving, think again”, said Blackwood. “You can have all the four-leaf clovers and kiss the Barney Stone, or do whatever you want to do, but if you get caught drinking and driving, you are going to jail and its not going to be fun.”

Just ahead of Super Bowl Sunday, Saint Patrick’s Day is the leading time period for DUIs to occur in Georgia.