Double Homicide in Hart and Franklin Counties Over the Weekend

April 14, 2014

Tragedy in Hart County this weekend, as a Hart County couple were the victims of a double homicide.

It happened just after midnight on Sunday, according to Hart County Sheriff Mike Cleveland.

He says 46-year-old Sammy Chumley, address unknown at this time, walked into Froh Mullers Restaurant off of Rock Springs Road in Hart County, where he shot and killed the restaurant’s owner Jason Forkin.

That was Chumley’s first victim said Sheriff Cleveland, the other, his ex-wife Laurie Weaver Chumley.

“Abducted his ex-wife and went into Franklin County, and that is where he killed his ex-wife as well as himself”, explained Cleveland.

Cleveland said they were told that Chumley was extremely possessive of his ex-wife, and it is not sure if drugs or alcohol played a factor into the tragic events that occurred.

Sheriff Cleveland says this was an absolutely terrible event.

“It was really awful, there is a lot of family members that have to move on and deal with the grief, but it was pretty well cut and dry”, he said.

Sammy and Lori Chumley had two young children according to Cleveland, and at this time it is not known what will happen to them.

The investigation into this case remains active and has been turned over to the Georgia Bureau of Investigation.


More details on this story as they become available.