Doug Collins Pleased with US House of Reps. Passing of a Balanced Budget

April 14, 2014

Congressman Doug Collins (GA-09) on Thursday welcomed the passage of the 2015 House Republican budget, H.Con.Res. 96.

The budget passed on Thursday once again would lower federal spending by more than $5 trillion by the time it balances in 2025.

Congressman Collins said, “Once again, we’ve passed a budget that puts people first. For the seniors of today and tomorrow, Medicare is strengthened.  For hardworking Americans of every age, Obamacare’s drain on their paychecks is stopped.  For our active duty military and our veterans, there is the equipment, training, and the compensation they deserve for their sacrifice. For all Americans, economic growth is government’s priority again.”

Collins also added: “Most importantly, for our children and for their children, the budget balances.”

In addition to the measure brought to the floor by the Budget Committee, the House also voted on an amendment that served as the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) version of a 2015 budget.

Among its provisions, the RSC budget included Congressman Collins’ own Sunshine for Regulatory Decrees and Settlements Act, which targets expensive federal agency rulemaking that happens as a result of lawsuits and passes that cost along to taxpayers.