Doug Collins Wins Republican Run-Off for Georgia’s 9th Congressional District

August 22, 2012

Doug Collins makes a speech after his GOP Run-Off Victory

The August 21st Run-Offs are complete, and the 9th Congressional District in Georgia finally has its Republican nominee for the November General Elections.

The run-off was between Candidates Doug Collins and Martha Zoller. We briefly take a look at how the candidates faired here in Elbert County. Collins was victorious in Elbert County with 526 votes, while Zoller managed to pull in 289 votes.

As many know however, this race took place across a total of twenty counties, and when all was said and done; Doug Collins took the victory in the district with 38,993 votes, compared to Zoller’s 32,393 votes.

Collins told WSGC that it has been a long road, and is thankful for all of the support.

“We are elated, it was a long campaign, and we have been campaigning for about a year, and the resonated message tonight of ‘We Are the 9th District’ stuck with our voters, and we are excited about where we are.” said Collins. “We would like to just thank everybody. It’s been a good campaign, and I would like to applaud Martha’s campaign, and we are looking forward to November.”

Zoller, while disappointed with the loss, told WSGC, that she still has some goals over the next few months.

“Of course I am very disappointed having lost this race, but I am also very encouraged that the ‘Map of Prosperity’ was so well received, which is our platform for the campaign.” said Zoller. “I believe the people of the 9th District want positive ideas moving forward. We didn’t win tonight, but my goal over the next couple of months is to make sure that Barack Obama is a one term president.”

In winning the Republican Nomination, Collins will face off against Democratic Candidate Jody Cooley for Georgia’s 9th Congressional seat in the U.S. House of Representatives in the November General Elections.