Dove Hunting Season Begins Saturday in Georgia

August 27, 2012

The official start of Dove Hunting season in Georgia is coming up on September 1st, which is this Saturday.

This will be the first of three different Dove Hunting seasons that will be taking place throughout the course the year and it will last from September 1st through September 16th.

Dove Hunting is the most popular small game hunting season in Georgia. Melissa Cummings, who is with the Georgia Wildlife Resources Division, says there is a reason for that.

“It’s ones of those hunting activities that are in a way similar to squirrel hunting where there is a lot of activity involved. It is not a situation like deer or turkey hunting where you have got to sit quietly in a stand and be very still”, said Cummings.

Shooting hours are from noon until sunset on opening day, and one-half hour before sunrise to sunset for the remainder of the September season.

Cummings said that before you begin hunting that hunters need to make sure the land they are hunting on is legal.

“Well people do need to make sure they are hunting on a field that is legal, and to make sure that there is no baiting bin so that they don’t get any kind of unwelcome surprise on opening day, or any day after that”, said Cummings.

If hunters would like more information about the upcoming Dove Season, fields, or need licensing information; you can visit

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