Dr. Phillips of the Elberton Animal Hospital Hangs it Up After 49 Years

September 7, 2012

Elbert County is loosing one of the longest tenured veterinarians that the county has ever had to retirement.

Dr. Ed Phillips’ retirement marks the end of the forty-nine year career here in Elbert County at the Elberton Animal Hospital, which is located off of Elbert Street in Elberton.

According to Dr. Phillips, his original plans only had him staying in Elbert County for just two years.

“I was looking for a small town area to go to that mostly had some farm type work; I came here to stay two years, and that was forty-nine years ago”, recalled Phillips.

When asked what he plans to do during his retirement, Phillips said that the next couple of months will be pretty busy.

“We do like to travel so we do have a cruise planned, and we have some local travel planned in the state of Georgia. I have some relatives down on the coast, so we plan on visiting them soon. So, we have our work cut out for us over the next couple of months”, said Phillips.

With Phillip’s departure, Elberton Animal Hospital will not be closing down, as it is under new ownership. The location is currently being renovated, and will be opened in the near future.