Drought Conditions Hold Steady in Elbert County

November 1, 2012

Despite former Hurricane Sandy’s stint on the east coast over the last few days, she had very little impact on Northeast Georgia, other than a few days of higher than usual winds.

State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey says that the Southeast as a whole is going to be pretty dry in the near future.

“This high pressure system pretty much looks like it is going to hold us high and dry for the Southeast for the short term and long term forecasts”, said Murphey.

Elbert County’s drought status has not changed since the beginning of the month, which is not good news, but is certainly not bad news either. The northern half of the county still maintains Abnormally Dry status, while the southern half continues to be classified in Moderate Drought conditions.

Murphey did say that there is a slight chance of some precipitation towards the end of the extended forecast.

“It did look like it gets a little bit more progressive near the end of the period”, said Murphey. “There is another trough that looks like it might swing in, so that might be our next shot at some precipitation, but probably not a lot.”

Murphey says now that the remnants of Sandy have begun to dissipate, that the wind should die down and that temperatures should return to more moderate levels beginning today.