Early October Rains Help Elbert County Improve Drought Status

October 11, 2012

In early October, Elbert County and Northeast Georgia received a good soaking, which lasted a couple of days.

State Climatologist Bill Murphey says that the rain helped Elbert County improve its drought conditions.

“Elbert County was kind of split. You now have Abnormally Dry Conditions in the northern part of the county” said Murphey. “In the southern part of the county the condition improved from Severe Drought to Moderate Drought.”

Unfortunately, said Murphey, a high pressure system is forming, and that might prevent our area from receiving any rainfall in the immediate future.

“So now it looks like we are going to build that high pressure ridge over the Southeast, which will keep things a little more tranquil”, explained Murphey. “We will probably warm up over the next few days.

Murphey said that typically October and November are some of the driest months in the Southeast, so the lack of rainfall over the next couple of months is nothing to be too alarmed about.

According to Murphey, Georgia can also expect a more traditional winter this year, and he says that is very important because the state as a whole needs its normal precipitation recharge.

“At the same time it does not look like we are going as warm and as dry as we were last winter. That is the good news. We need our recharge this winter, which we missed last winter. That will help a lot in places that need the soaking rains”, said Murphey.

Last winter, a combination of two phenomena, La Nina and a Positive North Atlantic Osculation, helped contribute to one of the warmest winters on record.