EC Commission Aims to Vote on Advertising a New Millage Rate

August 12, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Commissioners is set to hold their regular meeting for the month of August.

The big issues expected to be voted on this evening is approving the advertising of a millage rate increase, which would be the first step in the process to increase the millage rate to help economic development in the county.

During the commission’s work session on Thursday, Commission Chair Tommy Lyon talked about what the increase would do.

“Two ideas have been thrown out. One is ¾ of a mil, which would be enough to help us build a spec building if that is what we needed to do”, explained Lyon. “The other idea is to use ¼ of a mil to use try and give some our employees a catch up in regards to their wages.”

Should the commission approve the advertising of a new rate; three public hearings will have to be held before the increase can be approved.

Also during the work session, Commissioner Horace Harper said the county is going to have to step up again.

“We stepped up with the EMS/911, we stepped up with the Fire Department, we stepped up with this facility here, and its time to step up one more time and make things better for people with more jobs”, expressed Harper.

This evening’s regular meeting will be held in the Board of Commissioner’s Meeting Room located at the Elbert County Government Complex.

The meeting will begin at 5:30pm, and the public is invited to attend this evening.