EC Commission Approves Automatic Aid Agreement with Hart County

October 16, 2013

Two Elbert County volunteer fire stations are now officially designated to help cover fires in Hart County.

During yesterday evening’s commission meeting, an Automatic Aid Agreement was unanimously approved by the commission.

Now, fire fighters from the Bowman and Centerville fire departments will respond to any fires that may occur off of the Thirteen Forks Road area, which briefly crosses into a small section in the southern part of Hart County.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas says this will help out Hart County, with no added burden to fire coverage in Elbert County.

“Basically what it says, to help them continue with their four rating, they need coverage of homes in that area, and it fits in with our service areas to where we can go into those areas without and issues or problems”, said Thomas.

At the conclusion of last night’s meeting, District 5 Commissioner Joey Dorsey from the Hart County Board of Commissioners thanked the commission for their cooperation and willingness to help.

“On behalf of the Hart County Board of Commissioners we really appreciate this willingness to work together, and we want to make sure you guys understand that if the opportunity if we can ever help you in Hart County is there”, said Dorsey. “I want to make sure we have open communications, and again we graciously appreciate your cooperation tonight.”

The Automatic Aid Agreement between Elbert and Hart County goes into effect immediately.