EC Commission Discussing Alternative Ways to Fund County’s Development Authority

September 6, 2013

With the striking down of a one mil increase on the county’s FY 14 millage rate, the commission is discussing ways to fund the typical $45,000 a year commitment to the Elbert County Development Authority.

One idea discussed was to take a small percentage from each of the county’s departments to make up the cost, but County Administrator Bob Thomas talked about an alternative idea.

“For the employees to take furlough days; it would require three furlough days to make up the forty-five thousand dollars to do that”, said Thomas.

Those furlough days would only impact the county’s full time employees.

Thomas said there may be some reserve funds that could help fund economic development, but mentioned that they are still waiting to find out exactly how much is in reserve now that auditors are at work on the county’s year audit.

No vote was taken on what method to use to fund the development authority as yesterday evening’s meeting was only a work session.

A decision on how to approach the situation could come as early as Monday’s regular meeting of the Elbert County Commission.