EC Commission Holds Off Once Again on Purchasing Tractor

April 23, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Commissioners are once again holding off on purchasing a new tractor for use by the county road department.

During a special called meeting yesterday to discuss the matter, only three of the five commissioners were present during the meeting.

The commission decided to move forward with opening the eight bids that were received on tractors.

The two tractors the commissioners were focused on were a Kubota Tractor at $61,500 and a John Deere Tractor at $68,000.

A motion was made by Commissioner Horace Harper to move forward with the purchase of the John Deere Tractor at $68,000.

Commissioner Kenneth Ashworth explained his reasoning for seconding the motion to go with the higher priced John Deere Tractor.

“The reason I made the second for the John Deere is because I was looking for a bigger price difference because of what I have seen between the 75hp Kubotas and the 75hp John Deeres, the price different between those are $13,000 dollars, and I was looking for a bigger price difference between them, which never materialized”, said Ashworth.

The vote passed 2-1 with Commissioner Chris Alexander voting against. Commissioners Freddie Jones and Harold Reynolds were not in attendance at the meeting.

Soon after the motion passed, the sentiment about a purchase like this passing 2-1 did not sit well with the commissioners, which led to Ashworth rescinding his second of the motion made by Harper.

The commission felt it best that all the other commissioners were present for a decision like this, which led to a motion being made to table the purchase until May’s regular meeting for the commission.

When a purchase is finally made, the money will be coming from the Airport Grant Fund.

In going with the course of action, the commissioners can not accept any new bids on tractors, and have to make a decision based off of what bids they have currently received.