EC Commission Still Trying to Solve Stevens School Property Problem

December 13, 2012

Elbert County is still trying to figure out the best approach on how to deal with the Old Stevens School property, which is located off of Tate Street in Elberton.

Representing the Northside Neighborhood Watch, Chip Rousey spoke to the commissioners about their concern of the building falling into disrepair.

“When no body is in a building, it can fall into disrepair”, said Rousey. “That is our concern, we don’t want it to fall into disrepair.”

County Administrator Bob Thomas said that the county looked into fencing the property to help cut down on vandalism. If the county were to go that route, the installation of a fence would cost over seven thousand dollars.

Thomas said there is no rush to get anything done, but did say the longer the build sits, the more likely it is that it will fall into disrepair.

“The longer it sits there its going to fall into disrepair”, said Thomas, “and again I am really concerned about the safety aspect of someone getting in there. They have gotten in there once, and we know they can do it again.”

No decisions were made during Monday’s meeting regarding the property.