EC Commissioners Approve Two Out of Three Road Closings

April 9, 2013

Two out of three aint bad, well depends on how you look at it, as two of the three proposed road closings were approved during the Elbert County Board of Commissioners regular meeting yesterday evening.

The three roads that were up for closing were Cunningham Road, Rock Knob Road, and Oak Grove Road.

A motion to close a portion of Cunningham Road was approved with a vote of three to two as Commissioners Kenneth Ashworth and Harold Reynolds voted against the closing.

The motion to close a portion of Rock Knob Road passed three to two as well, but this time it was Commissioners Kenneth Ashworth and Chris Alexander voting against the closing.

The final closing, Oak Grove Road, did not even get put through a motion, as not a single county commissioner made the motion to close the road.

The two approved closings will go into effect as soon as possible.