EC JROTC Program Receives Positive Feedback After Yearly Inspection

December 14, 2012

A JROTC Cadet being inspected by one of the inspectors during the IG Inspection.

One week removed from the Elbert County JROTC’s annual IG Inspection, the feed back from the inspectors has been outstanding.

Each year JROTC leaders and cadets undergo inspection to determine how well the program is doing. COL Paul Infortune was the ranking inspector this year, and said the cadet staff’s program briefing was excellent.

“Its one of the best briefings you could have had by young adults who truly understand their rules”, said COL Infortune. “They were focused, they knew where they were going, and that is a sign that they are better citizens for what they are doing in the program.

COL Infortune said that the bar has been set high for the Elbert County program, and says that kind of behavior is contagious.

“Excellence is contagious, when the other members try to aspire to follow the lead of the previous class. As they work together as a team, it builds the bench to be able to continue a program for years to come”, said COL Infortune.

Elbert County Comprehensive High School Principal Renee Padgent was in attendance for the briefing, and said that the school’s ROTC program is a bright spot at the school.

“They’re shining stars to our high school. Their program is so important to us because they help develop our students, and they help them make a connection to the community”, said Padgent. “I think that a lot of us at the high school don’t even realize all the things they do in our community, and all of the things that they support. I am just very proud of them.”

This year’s inspection was considered an informal inspection in preparation for next year’s formal IG Inspection, which will determine what kind of unit status the Elbert County program will receive.