EC School Board Aims to Focus on Reducing Paper Usage

November 13, 2013

Ever heard the expression “you’re killing some trees”, well that is the case at one Elbert County school.

This year, the school system rolled paper allocations into the first unit allocations to schools, the amount of paper issued was less than the year prior due to the number of students in the school system decreasing.

Chief Financial Officer Ben Childs said September’s data analysis came back with some troubling news regarding paper use.

“Our projected increase in paper usage over the last year, we are looking at a 90-95 percent increase in the amount of paper being consumed in the district”, said Childs.

According to Childs the typical amount of funds spent on paper ranges from $25,000 to $27,000; but the latest projections have that amount now near $49,000.

One school, which was not named, consumed fifty-five cases of paper in September, which amounts to 275,000 sheets of paper used.

School Superintendent Chuck Bell said moving forward, the system will have to do a better job of conserving paper.

“I think that we have to mindful of our paper use, and make every effort to conserve when we can”, said Bell. “I think we probably need to establish ways that we can in fact conserve, and begin to look closely to see if we are getting back in line with previous numbers.”

School Board Member Keith Harper wanted to make sure that any conservation efforts be mindful of the district’s teachers.

“If teachers feel threatened, or feel like something is being taken, they’re with the kids everyday”, expressed Harper. “We all need to be mindful of the way they feel, and we want them to be with those kids and feel free to teach.”

The board was in agreement, that better communication be used when it comes to dealing with issues like this, as they affect more than just financial costs.