EC School Board Approves FY 15 Millage Rate

August 29, 2014

The Elbert County Board of Education has set its fiscal year 2015 millage rate.

At a called meeting yesterday, a roll forward millage rate of 16.797 mills was approved.

Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell said the rate is based off the county’s tax digest dropping yet again.

“This rate is the roll forward rate by what was calculated as a decline the gross tax digest of the county”, said Bell.

By law, the board can approve a roll forward rate as to bring in the same revenue numbers as last year.

Tax payers should pay roughly the same amount of tax as last year, despite property values declining yet again in the county.

Board Chairman Ben Baker said the school district has been fortunate not to have had to increase the millage rate higher than the approved roll forward rate.

“There’s been plenty said about the fact that we have tried very hard to not raise taxes”, said Baker. “We have always taken the adjustment up to keep our revenue the same, but fortunately we haven’t had to raise it any further.”

The motion to approve the FY 15 millage rate of 16.797 mills passed with a unanimous vote yesterday evening.