EC School Board Hears More School Improvement Plans

December 10, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Education held their monthly work session last night.

On the agenda where presentations from the Elbert County Primary School and the Elbert County Elementary School on their Improvement Plan now that the first semester of the school year is nearing its end.

The Primary School had seven goals they will be working on which includes things from improving discipline, to having kindergarteners counting to 100, and to get first graders to have better reading comprehension.

Principal Rosa Harris shared her thoughts on the improvement of the Primary school.

“As you can see the primary school is working very hard to increase our students’ knowledge. It’s the faculty, staff, and the students that take us where we go”, said Harris. “We really want our students to reach their maximum potential.”

The Elementary school had a list of 5 goals they are prepared to meet in the coming future.

One such goal is to improve student achievement in all content area and meet state targets.

Another goal is to challenge the students that exceed content areas and help borderline students to reach the exceed target in all content areas.