EC School Board Last Governing Body set to Adopt Intergovernmental Agreement

November 14, 2013

All but one of the three governing bodies have agreed to terms laid out in an intergovernmental agreement to demolish the front building of the Hawes Center property located off of Mill Street in Elberton.

Left to accept the terms is the Elbert County Board of Education, which will come to a vote during Monday’s regular meeting of the school board.

In the agreement, the front part of the building has to be demolished by the end of February 2014, an option in the agreement would allow for the destruction of the back wing as well if an assessment proved that section was beyond repair.

School Board Member Keith Harper expressed an opinion of just demolishing all of the structures on site.

“We have no use for it; we have two gyms we aren’t using right now. I don’t see any reason unless the city or county step up and say they want to take it over, or we can take everything to the ground at one time”, said Harper. “I don’t see any reason to leave that hanging over our heads.”

Harper mentioned that if that course of action were pursued, that a concern of his would be a deadline on the other two buildings.

According to Facilities Director Rick Mewborne, if that were the case, the deadlines would be different for each respective building.

Speaking to the front building deadline, School Superintendent Chuck Bell said a discussion between himself and the county manager, lead him to believe that the February deadline is reasonable.

“I spoke with Mr. Thomas, he felt that the February timeframe was achievable, and likewise with the asbestos removal”, said Bell. “That is a timeframe that is very doable.”

In the contract, the school board will be responsible for covering the costs of debris removal from the demolition site, as well as the asbestos abatement that has to be done before demolition work can begin.

The contract also says that the school board and board of commissioners will split the profits of any salvageable materials that are sold after demolition.