EC School Board Receives Briefings from Principals on Consolidation Results

January 15, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Education met in a Work Session last night. The Board heard presentations from both the Primary School and Elementary School.

The presentations are an attempt to get the Board and the public on the same page in what is going on in the schools.

These presentations will be planned throughout the school year. Here is what Coach Higginbotham said about the purpose of the presentations.

“I want our board work sessions and meetings to focus on academics. I want our board and members of the public to really understand what we are trying to do”, said Higginbotham. “Our goal is to make the Elbert County School System the best in Georgia, in every facet possible.”

Coach Higginbotham plans to have the Middle School and High School in for presentations soon.

The presentations showed the focus that will be put upon reading in the Elbert County Primary School; that focus, in turn, will help students in their reading abilities at the Elementary Level and beyond.

Furthermore, this focus carries over to math and sciences as students will have a better understanding of vocabulary to apply to math and other classes.