EC School District Among Most Technological Advanced in State

September 12, 2013

Elbert County is one of the most technologically advanced districts in the state, those words from Elbert County School Board Chief Financial Officer Ben Childs.

It’s the first year Elbert County Comprehensive High School has issued Dell tablets to the freshmen that entered the high school this school year.

They are budgeted out of the next five years in the E-SPLOST program.

According to Childs, the original netbooks were replaced due to a lack of replacement parts.

Other improvements that have been made include replacing teacher computers across the district. Ben Childs explains why this decision was made.

“The cost that we are putting into the machines are worth more than the machines, so we just replaced those computers”, said Childs. “We replaced them at the high school, primary, elementary, and at the Blackwell learning center.”

Childs says as the technology in the schools continues to age and deteriorate the system might be looking to incorporate a virtual desktop imaging program.