EC School Superintendent Sums up ECCHS Presentation to School Board

March 13, 2013

During Monday’s Elbert County school board work session, staff from the Elbert County Comprehensive High School (ECCHS) was on hand to give a presentation of the happenings of the high school.

School Superintendent Rick Higginbotham pointed out some information that stuck out to him from the presentation.

“The most impressive part came from Mrs. Michelle Dye, who is the curriculum director at the high school”, said Higginbotham. “Her presentation focused on the Moodle, which is a program used at the high school where teachers and students can share info via their net books.”

Rhonda Driver and Denise Brown followed, and presented information on the Georgia Appalachian Center for Higher Education grant.

Higginbotham says that program focuses mostly on encouraging students to attend post secondary schools.

He says students are able to get a glimpse of the real world while still in high school, financially speaking of course.

“They have a reality store where students are able to go in and purchase items”, explained Higginbotham. “Based upon what their career choices are they are given an amount of salary, and they have to go in and purchase things like car insurance, house payments, and other expenses.”

Another thing Higginbotham stated is that technology in Elbert County schools has become a main stay.

“The use of technology is embedded by a critical mass of teachers at our high school”, said Higginbotham. “Teachers are using technology to engage students and to give our students to real world application with the information they are learning.”

These types of presentations have been requesting by Higginbotham from each school so that the school board and public can be aware of what is taking place in Elbert County schools.

The Elbert County Learning Center, Primary, Elementary, and middle schools have already made their presentations prior to the presentation from ECCHS.