EC School System Looks to Cut Costs by Outsourcing Custodial Services

May 21, 2013

As budgets continue to get tighter and tighter, the Elbert County School Board is looking at alternative ways to cut costs.

One of those ways was approved during last night’s regular meeting for the board.

The plan is to outsource the school’s custodial staff to SSC Service Solutions, which is a company based out of Tennessee that currently serves several school districts in Georgia and throughout the southeast.

School System Chief Financial Officer Ben Childs said that SSC plans to hire on most if not all of the current custodial staff.

Childs said, “They have agreed to provide all the equipment, all the training, and to work with our employees to make sure that most if not all of them are hired on with them to make sure we have a very seamless transition with this process.”

Childs says that they are looking at a pretty substantial amount of savings by making this transition.

“The estimated savings in the first year is about one hundred and fifty thousand dollars, and most of the savings cost will be simply because of our increase in health cost”, said Childs. “Nearly four years down the road we are looking at up to four hundred thousand dollars in savings due to the continued increase in health costs.”

The motion to outsource the system’s custodial services to SSC passed unanimously.

The contract that was approved is for one year, with an option for two more years.