ECCHS and ECMS Band Programs Continues Fruit Fundraiser

October 23, 2012

The Elbert County Comprehensive High School and Elbert County Middle School Band Programs are in the midst of their annual fruit sale fundraiser.

Darrin Rucker, with the High School Band Program, said this has been a long lasting fundraiser for both programs.

“We sale several different types of fruit, and we have quite a few selections that we will be selling this year”, detailed Rucker. “We have done this fundraiser for a long time, probably dating back all the way to 1989.”

According to Rucker, this is one of the biggest fundraisers for both the middle and high school bands.

“The fruit fundraiser is one of the largest fundraisers we have for either of the bands. The money raised takes care of the instruments, music, travel with the buses, and all sorts of things. It has to because we are supplementing over two hundred students”, said Rucker.

If anyone is interested in purchasing fruit, you can ask any member of the high school or middle school band.

The cutoff for placing orders will be on Monday, November 5th. The orders will be filled by December 5th, and the band members will begin delivery of their orders the following day on December 6th.