ECCHS Bids Farewell to Long Time JROTC Instructor 1st Sgt. Steven Browning

May 24, 2013

Another long time Elbert County Comprehensive High School teacher is hanging it up after this year.

1st Sergeant Steven Browning, JROTC Program Instructor, has been an instructor for twenty years at ECCHS.

Browning talks about one thing that he always thought of when teaching.

“I think back and think of all the students that have come through here and you hope that you have had a positive impact on their lives, and a lot of them come back and see me and tell me they have, so I will take that for what its worth”, said Browning. “This overall program is just a great program to be involved in.”

Throughout his twenty year teaching career, he said one of the two biggest moments that stood out to him was winning Teacher of the Year.

“You are in the ROTC program, and sometime you don’t always feel like you fit in with the other teachers, and to have them vote you as Teacher of the Year, it was heartwarming”, said Browning.

The other, was finally winning his first state championship as raider team coach after fourteen years.

Browning had one more thing that he wanted to say to the community before his retirement becomes official.

“I wanna say that God gave me four great gifts; Jesus Christ, my wife, to be a non-commission officer in the greatest army in the world, and to be a teacher at Elbert County High School, and I deeply appreciate the privilege”, expressed Browning.

He says once he retires that he is going to enjoy his grandchildren and family for a while, and that he is definitely not going to miss him and his wife’s 40th wedding anniversary.

1st Sergeant Steven Browning will officially retire on May 30th of the year.


To listen to the entire interview with Browning click here!