ECCHS Continues to Make Leaps and Bounds When Dealing with NetBooks

July 29, 2013
A stock photo of the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet that ECCHS Students will receive.

A stock photo of the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet that ECCHS Students will receive.

The Elbert County Comprehensive High School is heading into its fourth year of issuing net books to students.

Initially apart of a three year E-textbook grant, which ran its course at the end of last school year, this is the first year that ECCHS will be purchasing and issuing net books on its own.

According to Technology Coach and Language Arts teacher Anne Marie Rogers, this year’s computers were paid for with textbook money.

She says that the ECCHS has gotten better and more efficient went it comes to dealing with the computers.

“Every year we have gotten more efficient, we have gotten better at dealing with problems with the net books, and we update the computer image every year so students have the latest software”, explained Rogers. “Every year we have gotten better at distributing, keeping them up to date, and keeping them functional, so it’s been a huge progress for us.”

This year, incoming freshman will be given the Dell Latitude 10 Tablet, which technically isn’t a net book, but will work the same.

The tablets will be distributed at the beginning of the school year.

Rogers says that compared to other schools in our district that Elbert County is far and above the rest when it comes to technology.

“We’re above and beyond them; we have the latest operating systems, we have the best programs, and we do whatever we can do to make sure learning is enhanced”, said Rogers. “We are not focused on technology, but we focus on it as a tool. I see benefits to both the students and teachers that use it.”

Rogers encourages incoming freshmen to look up tutorials on YouTube or other media sites for the new tablets, so that they can already be familiar with what they are going to be issued.