ECCHS Renovations Catch the Eye of School Facility Publication

March 6, 2014
A render of what the new administrative wing will potentially look like at ECCHS.

A render of what the new administrative wing will potentially look like at ECCHS.

The Elbert County Comprehensive High School is making headlines for its ongoing renovation work.

The high school was highlighted in the January 2014 edition of American School and University, which focused on the modernization, improved security, and granite accents the renovation project would result in.

Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell said it’s good to get a little bit of attention.

“Anytime we can get some positive promotion like this, it’s good for us. We are doing everything we can to get the word out about the good things we are doing in our school system”, explained Bell. “It’s going to be attractive, not just from an aesthetic perspective, but also from a teaching and learning perspective.”

Current work being done as of now includes the administration wing, the new multi-purpose building, as well as upcoming work on a new field house.

Bell says the weather to start off the year has thrown off construction crews some, but that they are close to being back on schedule.

“I would say that we are going to be on schedule within the next couple of weeks. Friday’s meeting we will talk about exactly where we are and I anticipate that the days that we lost, we’re at the point to where we have caught back up”, said Bell.

Phase II renovations at ECCHS are expected to be completed this summer.

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