ECMS Students Talk About Job Shadow Experience at WSGC

February 6, 2013

Another year and another successful Groundhog Job Shadow Day is in the books. All three of the students who job shadowed here at WSGC shared their experience.


Daniel Slaton

“Early this morning about 7:20am, I started my interesting and educational experience at WSGC, Elberton Radio Station. When I first walked in the door I was greeted by three great people, Susie Larson, David Stephens, and David Thompson.

Operations Manager David Thompson showing the students the ropes.

Mr. Thompson taught us the basics of how to air a song and how to talk into the microphone. I first did my intro with Johnny Cash’s I Walk the Line. We then did the weather forecasts, and then the swap and shop later in the morning.

After that we did the news recording that would air later in the day with David Stephens. Then again with David Stephens we went into public to get all the local stories from the police and sheriff departments. After that we went to the chamber of commerce to eat lunch.”

Jerome Larson

“This is Jerome Larson and yesterday I shadowed the radio station with a couple of my peers. We arrived at 7:20am in the morning and did some of the morning show with David Thompson and David Stephens.

Then Daniel, Taylor, and I did the news and weather. After that we drove with David Stephens to the police department and then the sheriff’s office.

Finally we got back and Carl took us to the rotary club and we ate lunch and got back to the station to write this summary.”

Taylor Blackmon

“I believe I speak on the behalf of all of us when I say we had an exciting experience yesterday as we job shadowed this radio station.

Students take an in depth look at how news is gathered at the Elberton Police Department.

I learned how to pre-record sound bytes and how to edit them as well. I also learned how the radio station gets its news, and how broadcasting it works.

I got the chance to be on the radio doing the weather, news, and celebrity birthdays. I had so much fun.”


Groundhog Job Shadow Day is a program which is made possible by the Elbert County Middle School and the Elbert County Chamber of Commerce.