Elbert Co. Commissioners Discuss Millage Increase for Economic Development

August 9, 2013

The tax digest for Elbert County has been finished, and now the Elbert County Board of Commissioners is getting ready to advertise a new millage rate.

Elbert County Commission Chair Tommy Lyon lays out what he wants to see done.

“Two ideas have been thrown out. One is ¾ of a mil, which would be enough to help us build a spec building if that is what we needed to do”, explained Lyon. “The other idea is to use ¼ of a mil to use try and give some our employees a catch up in regards to their wages.”

He says doing that for the employees is a necessity, because the county has not given a raise to its employees in over five years.

Lyon said this idea may not be the most popular one, but that it is vital for Elbert County’s future.

“We’re going to have to take the bull by the horns and step up, and if we don’t I think Elberton is going to sit here and die”, said Lyon. “If we don’t get some jobs in here, we are going to continue to lose people, and if we continue to lose people, we are going to keep backing up.”

Commissioner Horace Harper shares the same thought as Lyon, in the way that the county is going to have to step up to make something happen.

“We stepped up with the EMS/911, we stepped up with the Fire Department, we stepped up with this facility here, and its time to step up one more time and make things better for people with more jobs”, expressed Harper.

No decisions were made about a millage rate increase, as last night was only a work session for the Elbert County Commission.

The only thing that can be approved this coming Monday during the regular meeting is the commission’s intent to advertise a millage rate increase.