Elbert Commissioners Considering Similiar Pawn and Secondhand Dealer Ordinance

June 6, 2014

With the City of Elberton officially putting a new ordinance concerning pawn shops and secondhand dealers on the books, the Elbert County Board of Commissioners may soon follow.

Discussed yesterday evening during the commission’s work session, was the implementation of the same exact ordinance that the city adopted on Monday, but fitted more specifically to the county.

Elbert County Attorney Bill Daughtry said he spoke with Captain Darren Scarborough about what would help out local law enforcement with the new ordinance.

According to Daughtry, Scarborough said the requirements of finger printing someone who brought in an item would not provide any additional assistance to their efforts in locating stolen items.

However, he did mention that a current photo taken in addition to providing photo ID would be beneficial says Daughtry.

“He did say that requiring a photo in addition to a photo ID would help them, because a lot of times a person can have their ID photo taken 10 years ago”, said Daughtry. “They’ve gained weight, grown facial hair, and other changes. So he thought a photo in addition to a photo ID would be helpful to them.”

The ordinance is expected to be presented before the Elbert County Board of Commissioners on Monday evening.