Elbert Commissioners Holding Off on Tractor/Bush Hog Purchase

April 10, 2013

The Elbert County Board of Commissioners is holding off on purchasing a new tractor and bush hog.

During Monday’s regular meeting, County Administrator Bob Thomas said that the county had received five bids back for a new tractor.

The new tractor would be used by the county’s road department, as well as out at the airport.

Commissioners Chris Alexander and Kenneth Ashworth felt the county should try and get a few more bids before making a decision.

Ashworth said it’s also best to discuss the issue further.

“I believe we probably need to wait a bit, because we only talked about this last Thursday, and some others didn’t have time to submit any bids”, said Ashworth.

The money for the purchase of the tractor was set to come out of the airport grant fund.

A motion was put for that this issue be tabled until a later date.