Elbert Commissioners Table Project List for More Discussion

November 14, 2012

Discussion will continue between the Elbert County Board of Commissioners, on which roads will be targeted for improvements, which will be paid for with funds from the 2013 Local Maintenance and Improvement Grant.

Elbert County is set, after matching costs are included, to receive $593,571 from the Georgia Department of Transportation, but County Administrator Bob Thomas said that the projects submitted by the commissioners of each district, exceeds the amount of money that is going to be received.

“The costs for those, as you can tell, if you include all of these roads is way more than what we have offered by the state. I think we can go over this list, and come up with a better projected costs on these projects”, said Thomas.

Cost projections of the projects that were submitted exceeded two million dollars. During discussion, Thomas threw out an idea that may help reduce costs.

“It may be that we could do some spot paving in some areas, which we have done in the past, and that would save us some more money”, said Thomas.

In the end, no decisions were made about what projects to submit to the Georgia DOT. Instead, the commissioners decided to table the issue until further discussion can take place.

The commissioners have until December 31st, 2012 to submit their list of projects to the GDOT for approval.