Elbert County 4-H Storage Building Raffle Winner Named

February 6, 2014

A winner has been named for the Elbert County 4-H Program’s lengthy raffle fundraiser.

Starting just a bit before the Granite City Fall Festival last year, tickets had been on sale for the raffle up until January 31st.

The prize this year was the same as last year, a mini storage building donated by Terry Black.

Elbert County Cooperative Extension Director Clay Talton said the program is so grateful for Mr. Black’s donation.

“We greatly appreciate Terry Black of Storage Master for donating the building to Elbert County 4-H and allowing us to raffle it off this year”, said Talton. “Terry and Melissa Black have always done a lot for the Elbert County 4-H program, and we greatly appreciate it.”

Talton said that the program as a whole is also very thankful for the participation from the Elbert County community.

“It means a lot to have that much community support, especially for a program like this”, Talton said. “This will really help benefit a lot of our kids that are doing activities this year such as district projects.”

This year’s winner of the mini storage building was Mr. Malcom Bowers from the Bowman, GA area.