Elbert County Board of Commissioners Next to Vote on Intergovernmental Agreement

November 11, 2013

It’s the Elbert County Board of Commissioners time to step up to the plate regarding an intergovernmental agreement to demolish the old Hawes Center property located off of Mill Street.

Elbert County Administrator Bob Thomas said this is an attempt to bring the Elberton City Council and Elbert County Board of Education together on a collaborative effort.

“That building is in disrepair, its beginning to be a safety hazard, as well as an eyesore in that community over there”, said Thomas. “We felt that all three of the governments could benefit from that facility coming down, and we tried to come together and work together to see if we can get that building down”, said Thomas.

If the agreement is adopted, all three governing bodies will contribute in different aspects of the building’s demolition.

Thomas outlines what the county and board of education will put towards the project.

“The county will supply equipment to help tear it down, we will also help in the hauling of the demolition material to the transfer site”, said Thomas. “The board of education will pay for the disposal fees, and we will split with them any salvageable materials during this process.”

The city of Elberton, according to Thomas, will provide two dump trucks and two drivers to help in the hauling of the debris from the demolition site.

At last Monday’s Elberton City Council meeting, City Manager Lanier Dunn said the tentative deadline for the demolition to be complete is by the end of February 2014.

The Elberton Council adopted a resolution agreeing to the terms with a unanimous vote.

The Board of Commissioners will make that decision Tuesday evening during their regular monthly meeting.