Elbert County Board of Education Discusses Insurance

November 8, 2012

This past Monday at the Elbert County’s Board of Education Called meeting, The State Health Benefit Plan was discussed for retired educators. The state insurance has gone up for everybody in the past year and now has gone up for board members as well.

Elbert County has two board members that use State Insurance one of those board members is a retired educator and the other one is not. Superintendent Rick Higginbotham explains the different options there are for each.

“The one who is not a retired educator basically had a choice of paying the difference or going to another”, said Higginbotham. “The retired educator, because of the policies that were put into place by State Health, the Board of Education can choose to pay the difference for a retired educator.

Higginbotham made a recommendation to the board that they pay the difference in the increase for the retired educators insurance and that each year the board looks at this situation during open enrollment which is this time of year that we are in and make a decision each year whether or not they would do that.

The recommendation was approved by the board for this upcoming year.