Elbert County Board of Education Still on Track for Charter System Application

July 22, 2014

A status update on the Charter System application was given at the Elbert County Board of Education Work Session on Monday Evening.

According to Elbert County School Superintendent Chuck Bell, they have met all of the requirements that were set on a timeline presented in 2013.

Of course this is not including the final submission of the application, which the Board of Education has until June 30 of 2015 to announce.

Bell says that this is to ensure that the end result is of the utmost quality.

“I would like for the board and others in our community to understand that we are not trying to drag our feet, we are simply trying to make sure we are thorough and that we are without any doubts moving forward”, said Bell.

Also discussed was the fact that some school systems are choosing IE Squared over the Charter System.

The Board of Education says that they are hopeful the Department of Education will offer anything that will renew their confidence in the system.