Elbert County BOE Holds Regular Meeting Tonight

August 18, 2014

The Elbert County Board of Education meets this evening for their regular meeting for the month of August.

If the board’s work session is any indication, today’s meeting should be quite short and bare boned.

The home school policy update that was discussed during the work session will officially be put on the table for thirty days before being voted on next month.

Elbert County Superintendent Chuck Bell says the reason for the policy is to help determine which grade home study students are placed when joining the Elbert County School System.

“This is the time of the year typically when you have to make some determinations when you get these kids enrolling, especially students who maybe have been in a home school program for multiple years, and you are having to make decisions on what grade they are going to be placed in”, explained Bell.

Following that item, it is unsure whether or not the school board will continue discussion on implementing school uniforms for the 2015-2016 school year.

At the board’s work session last week, Board Member Teresa Barnett says it’s a topic she hears about constantly.

“We need to make a decision one way or another on it, because I hear this a lot, parents wishing for uniforms”, said Barnett. “I looked up a bunch of information on it and there is a lot of pros, and there are some cons, but the value of the pros seems to outweigh the value of the cons.”

The board’s regular meeting begins at 5:30pm and will be held in the Board of Education meeting room located at the Elbert County board offices on Laurel Drive.

Members of the Elbert County Community are encouraged to attend as the meeting is open to the general public.