Elbert County Classified Now as Split Class 4/9 Fire Rating

August 9, 2013

Moving on down; that is the case for the Elbert County Fire System, as they drop their Insurance Service Office rating.

In this case lower is better, as Elbert County goes from a split class of 5/9 to a split class of 4/9.

That drop equates to roughly a sixty to eighty dollar a year savings on home insurance for someone who owns a home valued at one hundred thousand dollars.

Elbert County Fire Chief Rick Mewborne thanked all those involved for their hard work to get to this point.

“I’m just proud of the guys, proud of the firefighters we have, and the ladies that help us”, said Mewborne. “Without them none of this would have happened. We got a plan together and they followed it, and we got it done. I am proud of Elbert County, because you don’t see a lot of counties our size get this rating.”

The move down to a class 4/9 rating puts Elbert County fire stations in the top ten percent of fire stations in the entire United States.

Commissioner Horace Harper commended Mewborne and the county fire stations.

“I’ve been on here for a while, and y’all have come a long way”, said Harper. “I have a son who is a firefighter and he knows how hard it is. I just want to say I appreciate all that you guys do.”

Mewborne says that maintaining the new lower rating is going to be more difficult, but added that he believes his staff and the volunteers across the county can handle it.