Elbert County Closing Out 2013 on a Dryer Note

December 20, 2013

Despite some recent rains in Elbert County, it seems we are going to end the year on a bit of a dry spell.

According to State Climatologist and Meteorologist Bill Murphey, roughly half of the state is posting drought grade zero (abnormally dry conditions).

However, he says that the rest of the state is currently right in line with normal conditions.

Unfortunately, Elbert County falls into the dry half of the state says Murphey.

“Good news is in the past week Elbert County has received about an inch of rain, which leaves Elbert County about two to four inches below normal for the past ninety days, so that warrants the Drought Grade zero conditions”, explained Murphey.

Some short term relief may be rolling in over the weekend, as Murphey says that a system coming through is expected to drop a lot of rain in our area.

Though with that chance of rain, he says there is also a good chance we could be seeing some severe weather roll through as well.

Once that storm system clears out of the area, Murphey expects things to dry out for at least the following week.