Elbert County Commission Declares ‘War’ on Litter

March 13, 2013

Another version of an anti-litter sign was presented during the commission’s monthly meeting.

The Elbert County Board of Commissioners is serious about resolving the county’s litter problem.

The plan is to form a local committee made up of Elbert County residents to try and help reduce litter and encourage more recycling.

County Administrator Bob Thomas talked about tying the local committee in with the Keep America Beautiful (KAB) organization to form a Keep Elbert County Beautiful branch.

To apply to the KAB foundation there is a $3,000 one time fee and an annual fee of about $150 said Thomas.

Joining the KAB foundation has its advantages according to Thomas, such as providing certification for the Elbert County committee, and providing materials, supplies, and advice.

The Elbert County committee will be formed by two citizens from each of the county’s five districts.

Elbert County Commission Chair Tommy Lyon says this is a big first step to a litter solution.

“Since Commissioner Reynolds and Commissioner Harper brought these things to my attention, the more I notice how bad the trash is”, said Lyon. “We got to do something and this is a start, and to do this we need everybody’s help.”

The county also plans on posting numerous signs asking for residents and travelers to not litter.

Commissioner Horace Harper says the county is declaring a war on litter.

“If we get a bout a hundred fifty signs out like this, I think it will help”, said Harper. “At least they will be aware that we are working on it. We are declaring war on this, and I think we are going to see some results.”

The board of commissioners approved a motion to apply to the KAB campaign, and also approved a motion to form a local committee to focus on reducing litter, both of those motions passed with unanimous votes.