Elbert County Commission to Vote on Proposed One Mill Increase at Called Meeting Today

August 29, 2014

A called meeting is scheduled for today with the main item on the agenda being a proposed one mill increase to Elbert County’s millage rate to help fund Elbert Memorial Hospital.

During the first of three required public hearings last week, an emotional Board of Commissioner Chairman Tommy Lyon says the county can not afford to lose its hospital.

“If we don’t make it work we are going to die. You see the empty stores that are in town now, you think about what it will be like then, do I want to pay more money? No. Do you want to pay more money? I can answer that, no you don’t”, said Lyon. “When there is a need you have to fulfill it. For some folks that will be one less pack of cigarettes, one less beer, or one less soda, but I think it is worth it.”

At that same hearing, Elbert County resident Martin Daniel recalled his experience living in a small community that had its local hospital shut down.

“I’m not being disrespectful to the two towns I am about to mention, but in ten years you are going to have Comer, GA or you are going to have Iva, SC on your hands”, said Daniel. “Taxes are going to go up. They are going to go up regardless; it’s just what we use that tax money for. You can’t stay here with a dying town and the taxes not go up, the numbers don’t add, you can not make it work.”

Today’s called meeting will be held in the Board of Commissioners meeting room at the Elbert County Government Complex beginning at noon.

The Elbert County community is invited to attend as the called meeting is open to the general public.