Elbert County Commissioners Discuss Upgrades for Elbert County Sheriff’s Office

January 10, 2014

Some upgrades may not be too far off for the Elbert County Sheriff’s Department.

Primarily focusing on the Elbert County Detention Center, a much needed upgrade to the facilities surveillance system could be on the way.

According to County Administrator Bob Thomas, with the current system it can be hard to tell who is who, as some of the cameras have gone through some pretty substantial wear and tear.

Elbert County Sheriff Melvin Andrews says that some cameras aren’t even one hundred percent functional.

Two bids have been received for the project, one from Alibica Computers located here in Elberton and the other from Data Survival located in Homer, GA.


Another upgrade that was discussed yesterday evening during the Elbert County Board of Commissioners’ work session was the addition of two brand new patrol cruisers for the Sherriff’s Office.

According to Sheriff Andrews, several of his cruisers are operating with well over two hundred thousand miles on the odometer, and with that being the case, he wants two 2014 Dodge Charger patrol vehicles.

The cost per cruiser comes in at just under $28,000 a piece.


No decision was made to move forward with either purchase as official votes can not be taken during a work session.

However, a decision is expected to be made during the commission’s regular meeting scheduled on Monday.