Elbert County Commissioners Strike Down Excise Tax Option

September 11, 2012

Businesses in Elbert County can rest easy today after yesterday’s Elbert County Board of Commission meeting, where the commissioners struck down the possibility of a two percent tax on energy used by businesses.

The commissioners discussed the implementation of a possible Excise Tax on energy sold, used, or stored by businesses or industry in the county.

The discussion was short lived however, as a motion was made by Commissioner Harold Reynolds to not impose the two percent Excise Tax.

Commissioner Frank Eaves said that if they approved the tax, it would severely hinder the county’s ability to recruit new business to the area.

“This will not only hinder us in recruiting industry to the county, but also those who are already located here will not have to continue to pay this. I jus think this is something we need to do for the people of this county”, said Commissioner Eaves.

And that is exactly what the board did, as they voted unanimously in favor of Commissioner Reynolds’ motion to not implement the excise tax with a 5-0 vote.